December 19, 2012

Trusting your instinct and expertise

With some projects you need to trust your instinct and provide your clients with what you think is right, but to also listen to what they have in mind as well, even if you think they are wrong. When I was creating the music for the “Tetley Infusions” marketing campaign, I faced the challenges of having to raise the bar by proposing music that better suited their images as well as properly interpreting their instructions.

In this case I was to provide the client with two rough ideas based on their creative brief as well as a temporary music track that was provided to me in a rough video. The instructions given by the client where leading towards making the temporary track more dance club like, exiting and fun. In my opinion, the temp track was horrible and it didn’t fit the images at all.  So I decide to provide them with 3 rough ideas instead.  In the the first idea I followed the brief to the dot by creating something very similar to the temp track but more fun and exiting. The other 2 ideas where pointing more towards the direction I thought was better for what they wanted to achieve but also keeping in mind that they wanted something that could be played in a dance club.  The difference between my other two ideas was that idea # 3 was more radio friendly than #2 which was more of an underground dance track.

Can you already guess which one they picked? I was very pleased that they went for Idea #3, since that was the sound I heard in my head when I first saw the rough images. When I presented the final track, the client was so pleased that they didn’t change a thing which is a bit unusual with this type of assignment where there are so many people involved in the creative process.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to do what your first instinct and experience dictates to you and also to do more than what your client expects from you, instead of just doing what you are told. Keep in mind that even when your client seems to know what he/she wants, they are hiring you because you are the expert and proper communication and clear examples are key to guarantee the success of each project.

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