Music Production course with LOGIC PRO

This is a one on one course I specifically designed to give you the necessary knowledge in order to become a Music Producer and/or Film/TV soundtrack composers. It is entirely based around Apple Logic Pro, which is the DAW of choice for many world known producers and composers. This course includes everything from the basic features in Logic through to the more advance techniques of using virtual instruments, effects, automation and mixing to produce a professional-sounding piece of music.

Some of the topics covered on this course are:

– Navigating through Logic
– Environment and arrange window
– Recording and editing audio
– Score window overview
– Automation
– Beat Mapping
– Plug-ins and mixing
– Soft-synths and internal production
– Customizing your screenshots and key commands
– Working with QuickTime picture
– Creating tempo markers and hit point markers
– Recording, editing and mixing
– Mastering your own project

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